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Mental health service through movement

Emotions, contrary to popular belief, are not located solely in our brains but in our bodies. Our nervous system functions integrally, and every psychological phenomenon is necessarily accompanied by a bodily state.

We offer practices aimed at restoring psychophysical well-being. The body is often absent from therapeutic interventions, despite notable research on stress regulation, anxiety, depression, and trauma indicating that treatment effectiveness increases when we engage our physical selves, their capacities, and our relationship with them.

At eMBody, we have designed spaces and activities that help restore a healthy integration between the mind and the body, with the goal of promoting well-being and fostering a state of holistic health that positively impacts all areas of life.

  • Somatic approaches
  • Equine-assisted therapies
  • Psychogym
  • Vocal therapy
  • Body awareness
  • Trauma-informed practices

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